Photo Contest

My New England Photo Contest: Ocean Edition

As a leader in protecting New England’s environment, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is pleased to join forces with Brian Skerry, a world renowned underwater photographer, to embark on the New England Ocean Odyssey, a first-of-its-kind journey beneath New England’s waves. The images Brian captures will help raise awareness of one of the most extraordinary and biologically productive ecosystems in the world.

As a part of this project to raise awareness and appreciation for New England’s ocean, CLF is hosting a monthly contest for photos that capture the beauty of New England’s ocean life, below or above the water. Each month Brian Skerry will lead our team of judges to select a winner, who will receive a copy of Brian’s book Ocean Soul.

Do you have a photo of sea life, under or above the water? Or of Acadia, Cape Cod, or a fishing or sailing trip, or something else from New England’s long, winding shore? Share them with us. All we ask is that you explore New England’s oceans, take some photographs and then share them with our online community on Flickr™.

The process is simple: You share your pictures with us and each month we will select one to be posted on as our Photo of the Month.

Submit Your Photos using Flickr™

It’s easy! All you need to do is add your photos to the New England Ocean Odyssey group and tag them “PhotoContestNEOO”.

To add your photo to Flickr, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log on – Submit your photos via Flickr™. If you do not have an account, you can sign-up for free at
  2. Join the New England Ocean Odyssey group – If you are not already a member of Conservation Law Foundation’s “New England Ocean Odyssey” group on Flickr™, join by going to and clicking “Join this Group”.
  3. Upload an image – After logging in, upload your images using the form provided. Make sure it’s an image that is appropriate to this contest! (See info below.)
  4. Send the Image to Our Group – Browse to the image you wish to submit for the contest, and use the “Send to Group” function above the image to add your photograph to the New My New England Photo Contest: Ocean Edition photo pool.
  5. Tag it! - Once added to the group, tag each photo with “PhotoContestNEOOthrough the “tag” feature in the right-hand column of the individual photo’s page.

That’s it! You’re entered.

Best of all, by using Flickr, everyone in our online community can see your nature photos and be inspired by New England’s stunning ocean environment. We encourage people to comment on and favorite photo contest entries, to share them with family and friends, as well as through their social networks.


Each month the winner of the New England Ocean Odyssey Photo Contest selection will win a copy of Brian’s book, Ocean Soul. In addition, the winning photograph will be published alongside Brian’s photography on and promoted through CLF’s social media channels.


The New England Ocean Odyssey photo contest begins at 12:00 am on the first day of each month and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month.

Official Rules

By submitting an entry, you agree to the Official Rules below and warrant that your entry complies with all of them. Each entry consists of a single image.

Photographs must be in digital format. Only online entries will be eligible. No print or film submissions will be considered for the contest, and submissions will not be returned. The photograph need not be taken with a digital camera; scans of your photos are acceptable. CLF staff are not permitted to enter the contest.

The entries will be judged by the quality of the photograph and by the beauty of the scene it captures, as well as its popularity on Flickr. Photographs of New England’s marine environment, including people and places, both above and below the water, are eligible, so long as they are taken in New England. Photographs taken outside of New England, even though they are of species that occur in New England, are not eligible.

Only minor burning, cropping, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable. Any changes to the original photograph not itemized here are unacceptable and will render the photograph ineligible for a prize.

The photograph must not contain content that is, in the sole and unfettered discretion of CLF, obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate.

The entries will be judged each month by Brian Skerry. All entries must be submitted and received by 11:59 p.m. of the last day of each month. CLF reserves the right to examine the original photograph/source material in order to confirm compliance with these rules.



You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit, including ownership, other than those rights licensed in the following paragraph.

By submitting your photograph  to our New England Ocean Odyssey Monthly Photo Contest, you hereby grant to CLF (i) a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform the photograph on its website, on the New England Ocean Odyssey website, and through CLF’s social media channels, and (ii) the right to use your name, city, state and country of residence in the photo caption to identify you as the photographer.



Q: How do I submit my photo?
A: You can submit your photo by going to CLF’s New England Ocean Odyssey Flickr group, found here.

Q: Do I need to register with Flickr in order to submit my photos to the contest?
A: Yes, you do. You can do so easily by clicking “Join” at

Q: How long does the contest run?
A: This is a monthly contest that begins on the first of every month and ends on the last day of that same month.

Q: When will winners be announced?
Winners will be announced as soon as possible during the month following their submission.

Q: What is the entry fee?
A: There is no cost – it’s free!

Q: How do I know that you’ve received my entry?
A: If you see your photograph in the New England Ocean Odyssey Photo Contest folder (found here), you’ve successfully entered!

Q: How many photos may I submit?
A: You may submit as many photos as you like, but only one photograph per person per month will be considered for the contest. There is no limit to the number of contests (or months in a row) to which you can submit photos.

Q: Who do I contact if I have outstanding questions?
A: You can email

Q: Do I give up my rights or ownership of my photo my submitting them to this contest?
A: As described under “Copyright” above, you retain ownership of your photo, but grant certain rights of publication to CLF.

Q: What is the New England Ocean Odyssey?
A: The New England Ocean Odyssey is a project of CLF and Brian Skerry that invites people to join photographer Brian as he embarks on a first-of-its-kind journey to explore New England’s ocean.

Q: What is Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)?
A: Since 1966, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) has used the law, science, policymaking, and the business market to find pragmatic, innovative solutions to New England’s toughest environmental problems.