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Help Protect New England’s Vital Ocean Habitat

New England’s cod populations are at their lowest levels in history, thanks to decades of chronic overfishing and habitat destruction. Fisheries scientists agree that protecting vital fish habitat is key to restoring these once-plentiful fish species.

Despite this bleak outlook, the National Marine Fisheries Service just proposed to open almost 3000 square miles of previously protected marine habitat to commercial fishing.

These areas are some of the last refuges for spawning and juvenile fish in New England and much of this habitat has been protected from harmful bottom trawling for almost twenty years. Scientists agree that allowing new trawling will immediately damage its incredible ecological value and put cod and other marine species at further risk. Unfortunately, NMFS has taken this action without even completing a full review of its possible environmental impacts.

Will you stand with us to protect this vital marine habitat?

We only have until July 26th to ask NMFS to rethink this risky decision and keep these critically important areas protected from the devastating effects of bottom trawling. With your help, we can protect marine habitat and start to restore depleted fish populations.

We need your help to ask NMFS to protect habitat and help our fish stocks recover. Please stand with us and take action today.

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